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Welcome to Global SEO Web Technology today I will guide you about SEO For Dummies and gives you tips if you are looking for What Is SEO For Dummies then you are at the right place.

SEO For Dummies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a bizarre business. It’s brimming with a guess, deception, and a quack remedy.

Search engine optimization organizations are 80 percent trick, so on the off chance that you enlist somebody to do it for you, you have one possibility in five of things going great.

In this manner, you have to comprehend the nuts and bolts of SEO with the goal that you can either make a pursuit engine– amicable site yourself or locate a firm that recognizes what it’s doing.

SEO for Dummies: 5 Basic Steps to Increase Your Traffic

SEO For Dummies
  • Check Your Site Speed
  • Choose Your Keywords Wisely!
  • Use Your Keywords
  • Get More Links
  • Make Your Content Easy to Share

SEO strategy

Something critical to recollect is that before you begin to upgrade your site for engine look, you need a strategy. It implies that each page inside your space needs its reasonable reason and the principle catchphrase allocated to it.

A few months back I talked with Bartosz Goralewicz about SEO in my digital broadcast, and he gave me an extraordinary case of how such an SEO strategy can be fabricated.

How about we envision that you open a business as a wedding organizer. As each youthful business, you need more leads and a strategy that will help with SEO.

Luckily, a few apparatuses can assist you with it. You can go with Searchmetrics or Semrush, enter your rival’s URL and see each and every watchword they are positioning for.

These watchwords will presumably be similar ones you’d like to rank for also.

When you have this information, you have to sift through all watchwords that you needn’t bother with. For instance, in case you’re a wedding organizer from London, you won’t be keen on the watchword “wedding organizer Las Vegas”.

When you have the sifted show, you need to contrast it and your site. For instance, in case you will go with “wedding organizer administrations”, you have to go with a “wedding organizer administrations” point of arrival inside your site with the accompanying administrations.

You’d presumably likewise need to go with “wedding organizer London”, “wedding spending agenda”, you could compose a post about “what amount does the normal wedding cost” or you could likewise consider making a straightforward “wedding spending number cruncher.”

There are two significant things:

You would prefer not to focus on every one of the watchwords with only one point of arrival, and you would prefer not to follow “wedding organizer” straight away as it’s doubtlessly not going to occur.

You have to complete statistical surveying (check catchphrases that your opposition is positioning for),

You have to sift through all catchphrases you would prefer not to rank for,

Pick the most significant watchwords,

Make a greeting page for each significant subject.

Furthermore, that is it, here’s your essential SEO strategy!


SEO is muddled and regularly changing, so it is extremely unlikely we can list all that you have to know in one post.

In any case, there are some all-inclusive principles of SEO that each amateur should know. Here is a couple to kick you off.


On the off chance that you haven’t as of now, do some keyword research to discover the best keywords for your administration or item.

A hotelier in Jamaica, for instance, may concentrate on keywords like “best lodging in Jamaica” or “were to remain in Jamaica.”

When you’ve recognized the best keywords, sprinkle them all through your site’s substance. Use them in blog entries, page titles, and URLs– without overstuffing.


Talking about keywords, another extraordinary spot to utilize them is in document names and image labels.

As opposed to stacking an image of nightfall as “image.jpg,” our canny Jamaican hotelier could utilize the tag “sunset_in_Jamaica.”

This encourages Google to recognize the image and improve the site’s SEO.


The last method to support your SEO is to incorporate internal and external links all through your site.

Internal links could go to the item or administration pages and applicable blog entries. Outbound links ought to go to important specialist sites– however, be careful with connecting out to a contender!

SEO for Dummies: The recap

Site design improvement (SEO) is certainly not a troublesome procedure to execute, however, it takes times and practices. Here is a portion of the SEO for dummies best practices to pursue:

The catchphrase ought to contain in your Title ( ) and URL Include related watchwords in subheading (and).

Incorporate watchword toward the start of your post.

Your post ought to over 1,500 words.

Include significant outbound connections inside your substance.

Incorporate interior connecting to your very own pages.

Make a point to have a sitemap for your site.

Enhance your site for speed.

Ensure your site is portable kind disposition.

Third party referencing – secure quality backlinks to your site.

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